Everyone has secrets hidden somewhere deep inside of them. Not everyone has the courage to reveal the secrets hidden deep inside them because they are afraid they might negatively affect their lives. But when the risk is worth taking, releasing the burden of secrets can provide rewards greater than our fears.

In her collection of poetry and prose, Imania Margria shares long- hidden secrets of her heart with the hope that she will inspire others to do the same. Within verse that explores secrets of love, forbidden desire, hope, loss, and passion offered in English, Italian, and Spanish, Margria candidly reflects on her emotions as she searches for answers, her purpose, and her true love. Included in her poignant collection is an excerpt of Margria’s soon-to-be-released romance novel, Eyes.

Secrets of My Heart is a heartfelt collection of powerful poetry and prose inspired by one woman’s personal experiences and thoughts.

Secrets of My Heart

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    June 7, 2016






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