SOMH (Secrets of My Heart) Update!!

Great News for Everyone! You can now get a copy of Secrets of My Heart at any Independent Bookstore near you! Just go to, search by title or author, enter your zip code and choose the bookstore nearest you! Books are still being sent out to stores, but you can order off the bookstore's site then pick it up when it arrives! You can also order it at Barnes & Noble or Book-A-Million stores or online and pick it up once it arrives!

Don't forget when you receive your book take a photo of you with your new book and post it either on my Facebook page or on your Tumblr, Twitter, Wordpress or Instagram accounts and tag #imaniamargriasomh (remember only public accounts will be able to have their posts reposted). Once you do that I will like your post, comment, then repost it and tag you on my accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and on my new site page called Secrets of My Heart, which will be a gallery of photos you send of you and your copy of my book and photos of me working on various endeavors dealing with this book and my future ones as well). When you are done reading my book, don't forget to review it on GoodReads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book-A-Million, Google, IndieBound, Reader's Favorite, etc, whichever you have an account with. Thank you so much. Have a marvelous day. Blessed Be.

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