Constellations (Preview from Secrets of my Heart: Prism)

Your smile, Your sweet laugh, The way you look at me, The warm emotions decorating my heart as our fingers interlace make an enchanting constellation in the sky of this aquamarine dream. Seeing them makes me want to spend every day of my life with you in this tropical paradise. Away from the chaos of the world, With only the joy I feel when I’m in your arms, The warmth of our memories and love will be our only sustenance. You will be the radiant light in my dark life. You will be the sparkling star in my starless sky. Every moment we share will create a new star creating a new constellation and paint the sky of this aquamarine dream. Be my Aquila, Your strong wings will carry us off to ecstasy as we explore the wonders of this universe. You will be the protection I crave as we fly above. Be my Lyra, I want the music of your heart to be my favorite playlist. With each song, Tell me a little more about what you desire and who you truly are. Be my Sagitta, Every moment I spend with you will shoot through my heart and leave its everlasting mark. Be my Columba, As we stroll down the white sandy beaches of our crystal clear destiny, Be the peace that settles my restless mind and rids me of all fear and doubt. The love we share will light the night sky. Every memory will be a star creating a new constellation in our aquamarine dream. They’ll paint our skies and pull us closer into one another until there’s nothing but you and I.

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