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I started Aiko's Treasure in December of 2012 to showcase my writing; but after joining the indie author world in 2016, I noticed the negative stigma surrounding indie authors preventing their works from being showcase in major literary magazines. Don't get me wrong. I know there are sites and blogs dedicated to showcasing indie authors; but a lot, not all of them, are pay-to-be-showcased or reviewed. These type of arrangements are why traditionally published authors and organizations look down on the independent publishing industry, because to be featured in traditional literary magazines, you don't have to pay for a feature. You send an inquiry, and they review your work to see if it fits their sites.

Even though there are many sites, some I had the pleasure to be featured on, that showcase indie authors for free, they have a very limited scope, that mostly comprises other authors not potential readers. That's why I revamped Aiko's Treasure and turned it into a non-profit literary magazine dedicated to showcasing indie and/or under-rated authors by providing FREE services like reviews, spotlights, interviews, etc. My goal is to build Aiko's Treasure readership and reach until it's a thriving haven where LEGIT readers can discover underrated, indie authors.

Also, recently, I've realized indie authors are not the only ones who are under-recognized, so starting in 2020 we will also feature photographers, artists, graphic designers and more, who might not have as much reach. Our goal is by 2022, with the help of all the talented people we feature and sharing Aiko's Treasure to their individual pages, we can have a LEGIT reader base of or over 2000 (excluding authors, designers, and contributors).

If you are interested in being featured on Aiko's Treasure, please review our guidelines & subscribe to/ follow our sites. Every bit of support helps us reach our overall goal.

We are currently looking for reviewers. email: or message our tumblr or facebook page if interested.

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