I'm Back!

After dealing with some ups and downs in life and rearranging my team to give a better experience for my readers, I'm rebooting my site and redirecting my focus to dedicate all my attention to building my reader base and tending to the readers I have. I have lots to learn on my journey to perfecting my craft and fully understanding the indie author world, but I am driven to pick up where I left off and continue pushing forward until my works reach more readers and inspire and motivate them on their own life journeys.

I have so many blogs out there, so I'm trying to re-purpose them to organize how my readers gain information about me, my works and businesses. I have lots to discuss with you, my readers, from the site I've built to support other indie and hybrid authors, up-coming writers, designers, etc., Aiko's Treasure to the sites I've built specifically for my readers to give me one-on-one access with my readers, Guardians' Headquarters via Patreon, while helping me create better quality content for you, my readers.

This post is a thank you for all my subscribers and readers. I truly appreciate your support and interest in my works. Without you, I couldn't have gotten this far. Have a great holiday and new year. Stay tuned for the new projects and events I have planned for you in the coming year.

Forever Yours,

Imania Margria

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