If you liked the cover of my book, The Pacemaker, please vote for it on Allauthor's now!

The Pacemaker is entered in this month's Allauthor's cover contest. I really need your help to reach 1st place. My goal is to reach 300 votes. So, far I have 34. For the first 100 voters, you don't have to register, but every voter after that does. (A little tip about voting anonymously though. If there are more than one voters using the same Wifi network, Allauthor's will count it as one vote since they track the IP address of anonymous voters. So, if you have multiple voters that want to vote anonymously, either have one register then vote or use a device using another internet source, ex: cell phones using the provider network, while the other uses wifi.)

If you choose to vote after the 100 anonymous cap, you will have to register. Registering for the site is free and takes a moment. I hope you vote for my book. Your vote matters. Click on photo below!

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