My Voice (Preview from Secrets of my Heart: Prism)

Here under this glorious light, I reach out my hands before me and open my mouth to sing. Words try to escape my lips but falter and become trapped by my fear. Looking into the sea of darkness surrounding me, I try again but my body trembles. I open my mouth once again but no sound escapes. Embarrassed and abandoned, I stand paralyzed under this burning light. I try to scream but again nothing happens. I want to cry out at least then my voice might be heard but can’t I want to share these words with the shadow-filled world but don’t have the strength. “Please hear me,” my heart calls out. “Please listen to this song strangling me.” “Please hear my broken voice as I call for you.” “Please understand my foreign words and accept them as your own.” I close my eyes reflecting on the words threatening my heart and mind. “Some are sweet and warm,” “Some are powerful and motivating,” “while others are vicious and cold,” warns my heart “Which will compose my song? I don’t know.” “But I do know if I don’t tell you now,” “then I will lose you forever.” “You must hear this song,” “no matter how sweet or shattering it is.” I try once more. This time a soft melody escapes my lips. Finally, I can sing of all the emotions our memories created. I release my past and take back my heart. As these tales of love and heartbreak are revealed. I let you go and reclaim everything you once possessed of me. I regain my strength, my courage and my hope. My voice trembles as I bid goodbye to these once cherished memories. This was not the song I wanted to sing, But I sing it with all my might. I relinquish all my fear and all sadness. I stand tall and proud as this once melancholy tune turns into a whimsical melody of hope and happiness. As my song reaches its end, I smile and accept my heart’s wishes. I take them as my own and embrace this new path in our destiny.

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