Your Hope (Preview from Secrets of my Heart: Prism)

Let me be the fire igniting your passions.

I will ignite the desires and dreams buried deep within your heart.

Let me be the air filling your lungs.

With each breath,

Be at ease and focused so you can overcome your deepest fears.

Let me be the water surrounding you.

I will cleanse you of all doubt and uncertainty.

Become anew and fearless.

Let me be the earth at your feet.

I will keep you grounded.

I will prevent you from wavering from your destiny’s path.

I will keep you stable as you press forward to the light of your desired dream.

Let me be the shadows caressing you in the night.

I will remain by your side to mirror the beauty you fail to see within yourself.

Let me be the light illuminating your day.

My warm rays will remind you of the beauty all around you.

I will reveal all threats and show you the truth within the hearts of others.

Let me be the love flowing in your heart.

I will fill you with kindness and empathy so you see the beauty in others’ hearts.

Let me be your hope.

I will fill your heart with the strength to overcome any obstacle in your destined path no matter how challenging or frightening.

As your hope,

I will protect you from all doubt and fear.

As your hope,

I will be the fire in your heart,

The air in your lungs,

The water that cleanses you,

The earth that grounds you,

The shadows that protect you,

The light that illuminates your way,

And the love that flows through your heart.

By: Imania Margria

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